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REAL BEAR HUNTER 3DThere are bears in the Siberian jungles, you have got the challenge to hunt bears as an expert hunter. Bears look at you and start to run toward you to attack on you. When bears attack it is hard to avoid or run from them. Bear Hunters are usually equipped with best rifles, snipers and other modern weapons with scope. The hunter in the jungle has to be active, alert, accurate in aiming and shooting. Bears are wild animals and can attack on the hunter, so he has to be ready to rescue himself in case of danger and escape to the safe point.
Game overview;In the environment, there are 4 jungles with surrounded by mountains. There are bears roaming around to look for prey. You are a hunter who shoot and kill bears. You can see around and aim from your sniper gun to shoot the bear. If your fire is missed, the bears will come toward you and you can become his prey. You are equipped with Sniper gun and, you have to survive with your accurate firing tactics. If a bear kills you, the game is over. To get high score you have to hunt more 35 bears within shortest time. And, to hunt more bears you need best and accurate firing skills, focus on the object, make a quick and sharp decision in this action game. You need best sniper shooting skills in jungles.
FEATURES:* 4 real 3D graphics and environments.* 4 real death animations with different camera views. * 2 best sniper guns for accurate shooting. * Free moving ability.* No connectivity required while playing. * Addictive, loving & fun. * Multi-touch enabled.
Note: Game is just for fun, the game play doesn't mean to hunt or kill animals in reality.
Ladik Apps & Games Team